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May 24, 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Improved Webpage Uptime

The internet presence of a company, brand, services, more or less of everything in a business world, has become of utmost importance. The need for a high average and flawless website uptime offered by a reliable cheap domain hosting India is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to conquering the top ranking in your business industry.

Website Hosting
Once your website is uploaded, all of the factors of your internet presence will be monitored, recorded and analysed. If you realise, that there are more than a few minutes of your website not operating, or the pages load too slowly, it is best to contact your website host and rearrange the hosting plan.
Instead of shared hosting, you might be in the need of a dedicated server with higher volume traffic allowance. Your website host is the one to help you in this situation.

Cloud or Pay-per-use Hosting
It is a great and cost-effective way of hosting and paying only for the resources used.
Cloud hosting is user-friendly and gives you the option to adjust your uptime or downtime to your needs.

The first impression is important. Many website owners love to overload their first page with pictures or videos, but due to a high volume of bytes to be downloaded to open the site, this will produce a slow page load time.
And trust us on this one – nobody likes to wait.

Downsizing your high volume pictures to a smaller, yet of excellent quality and size is crucial.
It will make your website open quickly, without any delay, including all the visuals you like.

Domain Name Server
To be proactive is better than to be reactive. An upgraded DNS automatic failover service will allow your webpage to use the next available server to stay up, in a case your usual server is not functioning.

Benefits of CDN
CDN opens doors to your images, graphics and Java scripts, to be uploaded on a server closest to the visitor of your webpages, minimising the website loading times due to the close proximity between the server and the site visitor.

Java Scripts
The page load time is highly affected by the volume of your visuals and Java scripts. To decrease the waiting time, the volume of your webpage, and to discard any extra space in your Java scripts, it is advised to compress them.

The Security of Website
It is of no importance what kind of information your website holds when it comes to security.
You need to protect it from any attacks by hackers or even information leakage. Consider arranging the best hosting plan by your website hosting provider, apply and change frequently strong passwords to keep your data safe and the website reliable.

Website Caching
The best user satisfaction and the quickest page load times could be attained by applying the latest technology of website caching. In simple words, it is about the server remembering all the basic settings of your site, like headings, side widgets, latest updates, without the need to recalculate them each and every time someone is opening your webpage.

Only the best cheap domain hosting India applying all of the above can ensure you that your average website’s uptime will stay as high as 99.99%.