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June 13, 2019
How to Choose the Best Hosting Server for Your Website?

Web hosting is becoming a trend as every business and individuals are looking for ways of making sure that they have a presence online. So how are you supposed to go about it? If you are a newbie, you sometimes wonder about the meaning of web hosting. You might be wondering about the hard definitions of web hosting. In this article, we are going to take you through the process of web hosting and what you need to do when choosing the best hosting server in India. Let us get started.

What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is the process of making your website to be visible on the internet. The different files on the website can, of course, exist independently but they should be easily accessed by anyone who is searching for them. This is achieved by placing them on the appropriate server.

For a better understanding of web hosting, you need to view it from the perspective of a home. The website and the different stuff on it are materials that get to go on into the home. They are usually safe and they can be accessed since they have been placed in a location where everyone can easily gain access to them.

Web hosting relies on the use of the servers that store information about the particular website. It is then made available to anyone who wants to access it through the web browser. It sounds a bit complicated but it is an easy process.

Is Web Hosting the Same as Data Center?

People get confused between the data center and web hosting. Web hosting is all about the servers that house the website or the company while a data center is a facility or location where the servers are stored. It can be a single room or a series of rooms. It can also be a large building that has been built to store hardware.

What are the Common Types of Web Hosting?

Not all types of web hosting are similar. There are different characteristics and effects on the sites that they host. Let us begin from the bottom and go all the way up.

1.Free Web Hosting
It is the lowest web hosting service and when you are using it, you get a subdomain with the free host branding. There are also a number of ads and different money-making schemes that can be forced in on your website when using this hosting.

2.Shared Hosting
This is where many websites share one server. The main benefit offered by this kind of website hosting is the low cost. A downside of this is that shared resources can often slow down your progress.

3.Virtual Private Server
In this case, there are multiple files on the server and each of them is partitioned in its own way. It usually requires a greater degree of individual control.

4.Cloud Hosting
It refers to the use of the latest cloud technology to support a website. It is the latest and the best type of hosting available in the market with unparalleled uptime.

Choosing the best hosting server in India depends on your budget and preferences. You can select the one that meets all your business needs.