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November 22, 2019
Deeper Insight to Understanding IP Addresses

Now that you have decided to take your business online, there are a lot of terms and factors like domain purchase in India that you should know revolving around the creation of a website. Despite knowing the best web developers in your city, you also have to familiarize yourself with key terms that you may come across during your businesses online. An IP address is one common term that most people use without knowing its actual meaning and everything around it. It is not compulsory to know more about the technical aspect of IP addresses and what goes on beyond the screen but you can never go wrong by staying informed on the surface.

Check out below for more details on IP addresses and their essence to your business today:

Defining IP Address

An IP address can also be defined as an internet protocol address and is usually made up of a long string of numbers. It works similar to your home address only that it helps identify a specific server that is using the internet. Without this, computers would be unable to link up to other computers worldwide. Every computer has its own unique IP address and that is what differentiates them especially when connected to the internet.

Why You Should Be IP Address Informed?

In most cases, we never worry about our IP address because we have our technology provider handling everything once we consider domain purchase in India. Knowing how your IP address works can give you an insight into dealing with different issues online without the intervention of your hosting service. You could, for instance, troubleshoot successfully when your network is faulty and even deal with devices that have trouble connecting to the internet. Configuring your server’s name also becomes easier and not overwhelming as you may think now

Assigning IP Addresses

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority also known as the IANA is the body responsible for assigning and managing IP addresses. This charitable organization partitions IP addresses based on the different regional directories available. It may be a tiresome process but at least you can be sure of never sharing your IP address with another computer. Check out below the different versions of IP addresses given to internet users globally.

Dedicated IP Addresses

These are addresses dedicated to specific sites individually. By this, you enjoy your own personal IP address for your personal server. This actually helps in boosting server control unlike when using a shared server where you have your IP address but could be troubled by other sites sharing your server.

Shared IP addresses

Because of financial strains, we may have more shared IP addresses than the dedicated ones. In this case, you might find your computer sharing addresses with the different users on the server. You may have your IP addresses similar to other one hundred users, but the search engines will always read the address correct and display the right website. This is best for starting businesses that are yet to be established and move to more developed hosting firms.

Public IP addresses

Internet Service Providers give IP addresses to computers to allow for a wide range of connection. It is through this that computers can access the internet and other computers connected to the internet.

Private IP Address

In this case, you are given an IP address that helps you operate through a private network. All devices have their own unique private addresses that they could use to communicate with their routers because of the closed private network.